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Information Request Received

From: canadavisa
Subject: Information Request Received
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 02:46:34 -0500


Thank you for your inquiry, which has been received by Campbell, Cohen. Your 
message will be forwarded to the person who will be best able to assist you. A 
response will be provided as soon as is possible. This is an automated response 
confirming receipt of your message.

In order to maximize the attention Campbell, Cohen provides to its clients, we 
are regretfully unable to respond to general inquiries regarding immigration to 
Canada, and inquiries regarding individual cases other than those we represent.

In the event that you wish to acquire additional information concerning 
immigration to Canada, you may wish to refer to the following sources:

- The Canadian Immigration FAQ - a compilation of answers to 
  frequently asked questions concerning immigration to Canada

- canadavisa.com - The Canadian Immigration Site - the most 
  comprehensive and easy to follow source of information about 
  Canadian immigration on the internet

- Online Community - Discuss issues relevant to immigrating to 
  Canada with experts and those with similar experiences.

- Online Assessments and Secure Online Assessments of eligibility 
  for immigration can be obtained at this site:

- The Canada Immigration Newsletter - a monthly publication 
  addressing issues relating to immigration to Canada
  http://canadavisa.com/documents/newslett.htm or send an email to 

- The Canada DataBank - a comprehensive source of links to 
  information about Canada and Canadians on the internet. 
  Valuable to those planning to immigrate to Canada.

Those without Web Browser support are invited to forward the following 
information to our office if they wish to obtain an assessment of eligibility 
for immigration to Canada:

- Age
- Education
- Occupational History (including job duties)
- Language Abilities
- Family in Canada

The form may also be obtained by sending an email to:


All assessments are fully confidential.

CAMPBELL, COHEN - attorneys at law

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