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Re: Gnuchess lock on load file

From: Simon Waters
Subject: Re: Gnuchess lock on load file
Date: Wed, 05 May 2004 18:14:59 +0100
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Home wrote:
> Hello, I've found a bug.
> Try 
> load /home/user/some/dir/another/dir/last/dir/a.epd
> The filename length should be greater than 31 char. Then, gnuchess will
> lock.

Thanks, will look at ensuring a character pointer is used through out in
5.08 (and why the loop).

Since MAXSTR is 128 in GNU Chess 5.07, LoadEPD sscanf (in epd.c) can be
changed from 31 to 127 safely if you need a quick fix.

 sscanf (p, "%127s %d ", file, &N);

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