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CsBoard GUI

From: nshmyrev
Subject: CsBoard GUI
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 16:46:28 +0400 (MSD)


First, my project csboard is already functioning, you can found it on 
It plays chess nicely, so a lot of thanks for your work.

The problems that I see for futher development of gnuchess frontends.

1. Some chess moves are complicated, like take pawn in a pass, 0-0, etc. The 
hanling of such moves can't be easily implemented, so I have a request - is it 
possible to add show of a board after every state change, for example, after 
user move - like this.

<current board>
my move is e7e7
<current board>

Or, should I implement all this myself?

2. The gnuchess has undo command but lacks redo command. It is also possible to 
add it
by handling all moves of gnuchess, but probably gnuchess can help me doing redo?

3. Is it possible to easily adjust strength of gnuchess playing. If I could set 
explicit settings 
for those levels below I will be very happy.

1. Beginner.
2. Intermediate.
3. Advanced.
4. Hard.

4. At last, there is a bug - it is not related to csboard, but I've found it 
working with gnuchess.
Consiger saved pgn game with position just before 3-moves draw. If you load pgn 
file with 

pgnload file.pgn
1/2-1/2 {draw}

Then, consider that after pgnload you do a white command. Then you should 
repeat 3 moves again to have a draw. 

pgnload file.pgn
1/2-1/2 {draw} (Only after 3 repeated moves).

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