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Subject: auto-reply
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 23:50:44 -0700 (PDT)


Thank you for inquiring with Digidesign Customer Service Administration. In the 
meantime, you are welcome (and encouraged) to utilize the following online 
resources to help assist you with your most pressing issues.

If you are inquiring about Pro Tools Free, please be advised that PT Free runs 
only on Mac OS 8.x-9.x or Win 98/ME.  It does NOT run on Mac OS X or on Windows 
XP.  There is currently no development timeline for releasing PT Free on these 
operating systems.  Due to the high volume of activity with this free version, 
we are unable to answer individual emails about PT Free. Please check the 
available info for Mac or Windows by clicking one of the download links at:


Although Email regarding other Digidesign products or services should normally 
receive a response within 3 business days, email replies may take up to one 
week due to extremely heavy volume during the Pro Tools 6.1 Release. If you 
require immediate assistance, please call the appropriate Digidesign department 
in your local office during business hours:


For more information on Pro Tools, online resources for compatibility, and 
technical resources such as the online Answerbase and Digidesign User 
Conference, please see the links in the Support section of the website:


International customers located outside of the United States or Canada may want 
to contact your local Digidesign Office for assistance, using the contact 
information found in the About Us section of the website:



Digidesign Customer Service Administration


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