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(no subject)

From: Cruises To Pleasure
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 17:24:14 +0200

CTP presents PIN-UP
Saturday, 9th October, 2004

Check out the E- flyer!   (http://url123.com/ssdu8)
Check out the latest party pictures from Asian Delight!  

Deck 1:
Benny Rodrigues (Now-Wow)
Nick-K (Dance Valley-Extrema) 
Armand (Rhythm Import)
MissSharon v Ramses

Deck 2: 
Marko (La Rocca) 
Phill (Studio 54)
X-ian (Color Bar)

CARWASH - Champagne Deck:
Sake (Funk You & Mondial)
Exclusive 5hr set

Boards: 12-2 am
Cruises: 2.30-4.30 am
Ends: 7 am

Location: Kattendijckdok, Kaai 19, Mexicostraat (before Mexicobrug), 2000
Antwerpen, Belgium

CTP Presents PIN-UP
Tonight we relive the era of the explosion of sensuality. Fame, glitter and
glamour adorn the first stars of the century blowing kisses 
under the spotlights. Since 1950s, heart-throbs such as Marilyn Monroe 
and Elvis Presley inspired rising skirts accompanied by stilettoes with
fish-net stockings. Scarlet nails caress glossy lips and baby 
blue eyes stare seductively from your calendar. Become your favourite 
pin-up - be the idol that was hanging on your bedroom wall. Capture the
moment forever on camera in the photo studio animated by 
http://www.partyphoto.com and prizes will be offered to the most 
imaginatively dressed superstars. 

CARWASH on the Champagne Deck
Reserve your tables now at the Carwash as legendary DJ Sake guarantees
sexual healing to swinging hips and bouncing tits. The 
Master of Ceremony sets the rules on the decks and mike tonight 
accompanied by stunning ladies from Folies Anvers
(http://www.foliesanvers.be) who will teach the boys how to polish their
cars to 
perfection. 15 minutes of their rubbing could protect your motor for 6 
months! The first 80 cool-riders to arrive on the Champagne Deck receive a
gift bottle of B52 new generation polish (with Teflon).

Hair and Make-Up
Become spoiled by http://www.hetvirtueelkapsalon.be as the stylists do
wonders to highlight your luscious lippy-look and add the lift 
to your hair that Super-Babes need. Free until 2am

Yolanda eases away the tensions that accompany the daily life of show-biz.

Cocktail Bar
We will be stirring and shaking your favourite cocktails to sparkle up your

Visit our website (http://url123.com/ssdu8)

God Save The Canals!

Location: Kattendijckdok, Kaai 19, Mexicostraat (before Mexicobrug)
2000 Antwerpen, Belgium
Tel: +32 (0) 479. 318. 262

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We have a selective door policy and maintain the right to refuse admission.
So respect the dresscode.

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