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Re: protocol error

From: Simon Waters
Subject: Re: protocol error
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2007 20:09:52 +0000
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address@hidden wrote:
>                            guys can you help me out here please i keep
> getting a protocol error while running winboard 4.2.7 it tells me
> everything is ok handshake etc etc etc but it will not connect..i got a
> laptop here and everything works fine on that but it just wont work at
> all on my sons pc...i have a netgear router my ip is (aol) i have 1024
> mb of ram a 250gb h/d and the damn program wont run....another that
> happens is while it trys to connect then after about 40-45 seconds
> protocol error comes up...after that then i cannot connect to the
> internet via aol\or ie which means i got to re-boot....if you guys can
> help me out here with this problem it will be appreciated...aol cant
> help me so know i only hope you guys can.

Hi Mitchell,

not sure this is the best place for winboard questions but I'll take a
stab (if you are lucky Tim Mann may still be subscribed!).

By "reboot" I assume you mean rebooting the computer, not rebooting the

What version of Windows? Is it up to date with patches? Free from malware?

By "won't run" what happens precisely? Does it open any Windows, does
anything appear? Any error dialogues?

Will winboard run and let you play GNU Chess locally? i.e. Is it just
when connecting to a chess server on the Internet that winboard breaks?

Do you have a firewall program installed? Antivirus? Have you tried
disabling them for the duration of testing the application (Do that
carefully, but hopefully if you have a router installed you shouldn't be
exposed to random incoming traffic from the Internet, and the virus
scanner should have checked the software you installed already).

Commands vary with the version of MS Windows (probably "ipconfig /all"
in a cmd Windows, or "winipcfg" will show some details), but can you see
any obvious change in the state of the network connection after running
the program?

A few questions and ideas to keep you busy.


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