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Re: Some Serious Issues Concerning the GNU Chess (glChess 2.22.3) Under

From: Simon Waters
Subject: Re: Some Serious Issues Concerning the GNU Chess (glChess 2.22.3) Under Fedora OS 9: Reported by Roland Zelhof
Date: Sun, 24 May 2009 17:45:21 +0100
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Roland Zelhof wrote:
> To GNU-Chess Bug Reporter,
> The Bug:
> *Apparently, the (Threefold Repetition Rule) is not working on any mode
> under (glChess 2.22.3). Please see the attachment and take a precise
> look at moves from 11 to 59...(N:e4c3 - Q:d1d2) followed by (N:c3e4 -
> Q:d2d1). Technically, It should end after three moves with a (draw)
> rather than a (win).
> Some Suggestions for later versions:
> *The idea of Auto-Promotion option is not recommended because many times
> chess players tend to choose the type of promotion according the
> corresponding positions of the pieces. Switching each time and changing
> the preferences is somehow irritating for active chess players. In
> addition, I was not able to find anything like a take-back option. In a
> non-rated game, the take-back option is essential especially for
> studying complex positions and testing the Chess Engine. However, apart
> from those, it is a great game with no fatal problems or crushes. The
> Chess Engine by itself can be considered as a masterpiece. Thanks

Thanks Roland,

however I think both these issues relate to glchess rather than GNU
Chess (which is the engine).

GLChess bug reports are in the GNOME bugzilla.


Did you use the "claim draw" feature of glchess, as draw by three fold
repetition needs to be claimed, although most interfaces claim it
immediately for the benefit of our sanity I think it is design choice.


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