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bug in setboard on version 6.0.3

From: Chad Hendry
Subject: bug in setboard on version 6.0.3
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 09:56:57 -0500


The "setboard" command doesn't seem to be working in 6.0.3.  If I run the following, the engine never comes back with a move:

printf "xboard\nprotover 2\nsetboard r3k2r/pp2bppp/8/3p4/3n4/3NR3/PP1P1PbP/2BK4 b kq - 0 1\nst 1\ngo\n" | ./gnuchess

I noticed that on the other hand, "epdload" seems to be working fine.  From what I can tell, the difference is that cmd_setboard isn't calling SetDataToEngine.  I added the call to cmd_setboard (patch included) and it fixed the issue for me.

Thank you for such a fantastic program!

- chad

diff --git a/src/frontend/cmd.c b/src/frontend/cmd.c
index 9e7c9f5..7417782 100644
--- a/src/frontend/cmd.c
+++ b/src/frontend/cmd.c
@@ -544,9 +544,14 @@ void cmd_save(void)
 void cmd_setboard(void)
+  char data[MAXSTR]="";
   /* setboard uses FEN, not EPD, but ParseEPD will accept FEN too */
   ParseEPD (token[1]);
+  snprintf(data, sizeof(data), "setboard %s", token[1]);
+  SetDataToEngine(data);
 void cmd_solve(void) { Solve (token[1]); }

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