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Re: Possible Bug

From: Antonio Ceballos
Subject: Re: Possible Bug
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2021 11:11:38 +0100

Hi Edgardo,

Thanks for your report. Could you tell me what version of GNU Chess you are using?

Nevertheless, in your game, after white plays 11. e4, I think that black cannot play 11. ..., d4.
How did you manage to get that move done?

This is what I get if I try to do that:

White (11) : e4
11. e4

black  KQ

r q . . . r k .
p p . n . p p .
. . . b p n . p
. N p p . . N .
. . . P P . . .
. . . . . Q . .
P P P . . P P P
R . B . K . . R
Black (11) : d4
Invalid move: d4


On Wed, Nov 24, 2021 at 11:21 PM Edgardo Núñez <edgardong@yahoo.com> wrote:
Good Day to all of you.

I think that I found a bug. Durining a chess play using the program Knights from KDE using Fedora 34 running on a Macbook pro 13 inch mid 2012. Here I send the game config as images and the chess match file. When I did the last movement the computer had more time than me, but it got thinking until the time run out. I ended with more than 5 minutes on my clock.

I had played several times and this is the first time this had ever happened.

Well, thanks to all of you for your hard work.


Edgardo Núñez

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