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[Bug-gnu-emacs] C-x C-q more useful as toggle-read-only

From: Stephen Gildea
Subject: [Bug-gnu-emacs] C-x C-q more useful as toggle-read-only
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 11:42:39 EDT

Emacs 19 changed C-x C-q to do some version control operation.  This
didn't seem so useful to me, because I use the old meaning of C-x C-q
all the time, even on versioned files.

I like to have read-only mode on when I am not actively making changes
to the file.  It prevents accidental keystrokes from making changes,
and it allows me to make use of some keys bindings that do different
things in a read-only buffer.

Furthermore, the new action of C-x C-q is already on a key as C-x v v
whereas the old action is now unavailable.

I suspect that most people don't use C-x C-q.  If they are looking at
a read-only file, typing C-x C-q won't make it writable unless it's
under version control.  If it is writable, they probably don't think
to make it read-only while viewing.  The point of this argument is
that C-x C-q is an obscure function whose purpose is separate from
version control.

Please change C-x C-q back to doing toggle-read-only.

 < Stephen

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