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bug? raise-frame not raising invisible, previously iconified fram es

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug? raise-frame not raising invisible, previously iconified fram es
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 11:42:05 -0700

This seems to be a bug.  Can someone confirm that, or explain what's to
be done to raise a frame that has previously been first iconified and
then made invisible?
Version: GNU Emacs 20.7.2 (I'm running this on Solaris through Exceed
from Windows 98, in case that's relevant.)
Problem: Doing raise-frame doesn't seem to raise an invisible frame that
was iconified prior to being made invisible; rather, it just makes the
frame iconified again.
(setq foo (selected-frame))      ; get a handle to some frame
(iconify-frame foo)                  ; iconify it
(make-frame-invisible foo)      ; make it invisible
(raise-frame foo)                    ; try to raise it
symptom: frame foo is "made visible" as an icon by raise-frame; it is
not raised.
FWIW, when I run GNU Emacs 20.6 directly on Windows 98, I don't have
this problem: raise-frame does in fact raise the frame as I would
BTW, the doc for raise-frame doesn't actually say it raises invisible
frames, but it does say that it makes them visible, which implies that
it shouldn't leave them iconified (states iconified and visible are

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