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Re: default-directory documentation

From: Dave Love
Subject: Re: default-directory documentation
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 00:03:47 +0100
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>>>>> "RM" == Robert Marshall <address@hidden> writes:

 RM> But then if I load-library dired-x and repeat the describe-variable it
 RM> thinks the variable is defined in dired-x (which it isn't, but there
 RM> seems to be a function of that name there).  If I position the cursor
 RM> on the highlighted dired-x and type enter (help-follow), an error
 RM> occurs with the text that dired-x is not in the path, which it is (in
 RM> the path that is!) dired-x is the emacs 20.7.1. version.

That probably means that dired-x.el is either missing or it is
compressed and you aren't using auto-compression-mode.

However, this case will offer a bogus hyperlink and fail with a
`cannot find definition' error anyway.  It's a known deficiency in the
load history mechanism which we should be able to fix by keeping track
of function and variable definitions separately.  As far as I remember
we decided it wasn't worth doing that, but the result is unfortunate
in a few cases and we couldn't see a way of failing more gracefully.
Ideas welcome.

[Probably the function definition in this case should actually have a
`dired-' prefix.]

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