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Re: setting eol-type for new files

From: Stephen Gildea
Subject: Re: setting eol-type for new files
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 10:57:25 EDT

>                  ... if the auto-detection fails (because of a
>   new file, a file without any EOL, a file with inconsistent
>   EOL), it falls backs to unix style EOL.

Here's where I lose.  I want the fall-back EOL type to depend on
the file name.

>   And, for DOS and NT, you may be able to use
>   untranlated-filesystem-list.

I tried that, and it doesn't work.  I need the translations on to
make Latin 1 translation work.

As Eli suggests, this may indeed be a problem specific to Emacs on

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