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Some problems with nnvirtual groups in gnus 5.8.8

From: Brian Justice
Subject: Some problems with nnvirtual groups in gnus 5.8.8
Date: 17 Oct 2000 10:24:05 -0600
User-agent: Gnus/5.0807 (Gnus v5.8.7) Emacs/20.6

I have a couple of problems with nnvirtual groups.  The first one is
that the "A T" command does not appear to work.  For normal groups,
the "A T" command does indeed fetch the current thread.  For nnvirtual
groups, it does not appear to ever get any additional articles.

Another problem I have with nnvirtual groups is that posting does not
appear to work.  For example, all of the emacs groups I read I have
grouped into the nnvirtual group "emacs".  When I try to post an
article, it puts "emacs" into the "Newsgroups:" header.  Then, no
matter what I specify as thye newsgroup, I get the following error:

Signaling: (wrong-type-argument number-or-marker-p nil)
  nnvirtual-find-group-art("nnvirtual:emacs" nil)

In fact, to post this article, I had to exit emacs and restart,
because once I tried posting to an nnvirtual group, posting to any
group would not work.

I am using gnus 5.8.8 on gnu emacs 20.4.1 and 20.6.1 on Windows NT and
Windows 2000.  In both cases, it behaves the same way.

Is this a known bug with gnus?
Brian Justice
Duff man can't breathe - Oh no!

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