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perl-mode in Emacs buggy?

From: Florian v. Savigny
Subject: perl-mode in Emacs buggy?
Date: 21 Oct 2000 23:49:49 +0200


do you know Emacs' perl-mode? I am puzzled about its indentation
and parentheses matching (seemingly the same problem):

I type the following:

foreach $msgid (keys %$nachrichten) {

    $nachricht = $pop->get($msgid);
    if (defined @$nachricht) {
        foreach $zeile (@$nachricht) {
            if ($zeile =~ /^Subject:(.*?$)/) {
                $betreff = $1;

All the indentation thus far is done automatically and as far as I can
see, correctly. Then I go on typing:

elsif ($zeile =~ /^From:(.*?$)/)

and as I add " {", the line is indented *one level deeper*
than the last "if" line before -- while I think it belongs
into the same level. 

Do you know why? I've checked it multiple times and I didn't find
any parenthesis or bracket I had overlooked.

Is this an emacs perl-mode bug?
                        Florian von Savigny

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