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Windows & bug in ange-ftp

From: Stephan Zimmermann
Subject: Windows & bug in ange-ftp
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 08:21:43 +0100

Hi bug-gnu-emacs,

I want to report a problem with ange-ftp and windows.

I use emacs 20.7.1, with win2k and win98se (both german versions).
FTP program is the default ftp.exe that comes with windows.

When I try to open an connection with 
C-x C-f /address@hidden:/

the ftp-buffer says

  UngĀltiger Hilfebefehl foo

  Verbindung mit wurde hergestellt.

  220 localhost.localdomain FTP server (Version wu-2.5.0(1) Tue Sep 21 16:48:12 
1999) ready.

... so everything seems to be ok.

But the *Message* buffer reports an error

  Opening FTP connection to
  FTP Error: OPEN request failed: Verbindung mit wurde hergestellt.

BUT the message "Verbindung mit wurde hergestellt." means
that everything is ok, but ange-ftp treats that as an error ...

The problem is located in defun ange-ftp-normal-login:

(defun ange-ftp-normal-login (host user pass account proc)
  "Connect to the FTP-server on HOST as USER using PASSWORD and ACCOUNT.
PROC is the process to the FTP-client."
  (let* ((nshost (ange-ftp-nslookup-host host))
         (result (ange-ftp-raw-send-cmd
                 (format "open %s" nshost)
                 (format "Opening FTP connection to %s" host))))
    (or (car result)
        (ange-ftp-error host user
                        (concat "OPEN request failed: "
                                (cdr result))))

If i comment these last 4 lines ( (or (car ... ) then the login works fine.
But of course if there is a real failure I've got a problem :)

The value of  result  after the login is 
(nil . "Verbindung mit wurde hergestellt.

which should not be treated as an error...

Greetings from Germany, Stephan

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