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Emacs packages or ...?

From: Jörgen Jägermon
Subject: Emacs packages or ...?
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2000 13:37:33 +0100

Hi there.

This is NOT a BUG but ... I haven't found anyother way/channel in which
to ask this question.

HOW do one start if one would like to make Emacs lighter/slimmer?
I haven't seen or haven't looked in the right places to find out how
Emacs is built, how the source files and the compilation of EMacs comes
together or....

The background is that I (maybe others to) would like to read about the
structure of Emacs, or how it all comes together in order to better
understand it or find out how to make contributions
to it, or use it's modules better or add modules or JUST MAKE A PERSONAL
SLIMMER/LIGHTER EMACS with the PURE EDITOR functions only.

Can you give hint/leads/tips or a fairly simple/complex answer to the
question about "Makeing a lighter personalized Emacs"?

Ps. I use Emacs everyday, trust it and find it really valuable and
secure for example concerning it's perl,vhdl,verilog modes but hardly
ever use it's mail,news, calendar,... features.

        Best regards Jörgen J., Stockholm, Sweden.
Jörgen Jägermon (SC/JöJ)                E-mail: address@hidden  
Mixed Signal EDA support                Tel   : +46 (0)8 580 24 522
MITEL Medical Semiconductor BU          Fax   : +46 (0)8 580 20 190
Bruttovägen 1, Box 520                  Web   : http://www.mitelsemi.com
SE-175 26 Järfälla, SWEDEN                      http://www.mitel.se

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