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Version Control assumes RCS is a directory

From: Neil Erskine
Subject: Version Control assumes RCS is a directory
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 23:23:32 -0400

I am using emacs 20.7 on Windows 98.

On some operating systems it is not possible to create links to directories,
so RCS commands provide that, when looking for an RCS file, the directory
named in a regular file "rcs" is searched (if rcs is present and is a
regular file).  This arises in my case as our company uses Windows 98.  The
RCS part of the vc-find-file and other related commands do not attempt to
follow this redirection;  they assume that "rcs", if present, must be a
directory to be searched.

Not sure if you consider this a bug, as it isn't really a problem in UNIX
with its symbolic link facility.  However, if "vc" is supposed to accurately
track RCS file presence, I think it is.  Either way, I would really
appreciate it following the rcs redirection via a regular file for those of
us obliged to use Windows.

I have used emacs since TOPS-20 days.  As I no longer have time to figure
how to add to it myself, sI thought this might have some effect.  Thank you
for all your past efforts, and good luck with the next version of emacs.

Neil Erskine,
Manager, Research and Product Development
JJ MacKay Canada Limited
voice (902) 423-7727 ext 30
fax (902) 422-8108

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