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bug in sort-columns

From: Friedhelm Hinrichs
Subject: bug in sort-columns
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 13:44:54 +0100


today I found a small bug in the sort-columns macro in sort.el. 
It does not treat the variable sort-fold-case as it is explained 
in the comment. To fix this, the flag '-f' must be passed to the 
external sort function if the sort-fold-case variable is t. This 
can be achieved by adding one line to the sort-column function, 
when it calls call-process-region to run the external sort:

(call-process-region beg1 end1 "sort" t t nil
                     (if sort-fold-case "-f")     ;; <=== added
                     (if reverse "-rt\n" "-t\n")
                     (concat "+0." col-start)
                     (concat "-0." col-end))

Friedhelm Hinrichs

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