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poor interaction of scroll-step & info

From: Sven A. Wolf
Subject: poor interaction of scroll-step & info
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 14:07:46 -0500

Dear Emacs People:

I have seen this problem for a while now, so I'll report it.

In version 19.30, if I set the scroll-step variable to 1 from
its default of 0 to enable "smooth" scrolling and then try
to go to info, my terminal locks up, and emits a seemingly
infinite number of beeps, requiring me to kill the emacs
process and wait while the beep buffer catches up.

I found this to be the case on Alpha UNIX and on
Sun Solaris.  It happened today on the latter, running

Please fix the problem.  Possibly you could just reset
scroll-step for info mode.  Hey, maybe there's already
an info mode hook and I could do it myself?  (The
things you think of when telling someone else about
your problems!)  I'll go check but you might address
the issue in general, too.

Sven Wolf

emacs user since '87

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