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Re: Emacs bug with `[' in filenames

From: Dave Love
Subject: Re: Emacs bug with `[' in filenames
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 12:19:54 GMT
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>>>>> "EK" == Ehud Karni <address@hidden> writes:

 EK> On Mon, 13 Nov 2000 23:45:43 GMT, Dave Love <address@hidden> wrote:
 >> >>>>> "EK" == Ehud Karni <address@hidden> writes:
 EK> The problem exist in UNIX too. I created a file named "abc[x]" and
 EK> checked `find-file' (C-x C-f) on it in various ways. Trying to find
 EK> it in the exact name quoted in different ways (i.e abc[x], abc\[x\[,
 EK> abc\\[x\\], "abc[x]") does not work. Finding it with wildcards (i.e.
 EK> abc*, abc?x?) DOES work.
 >> Is Info node `Quoted File Names' not clear about this?  (`[[]' should
 >> effectively quote a bracket, as in globbing.)

 EK> Yes, [[] does quote the offending [ (as do replacing it by ? or *).
 EK> The problem is that this quoting is not done automaticly by the file
 EK> name completion function `file-name-all-completions' or by (interactive
 EK> F....), both are builtin functions which call `read-file-name-internal'
 EK> (defined in fileio.c).

Could you be more explicit about what you think is buggy?  Does
quoting a file name with /: not DTRT?

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