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compile 64bit (and fix)

From: Jens-S. Voeckler
Subject: compile 64bit (and fix)
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 16:38:11 +0100 (CET)


when compiling emacs-20.7 using SUNs WorkShop 6 (Forte) compiler in 64bit
mode, an invalid stdio operation seems to be used:

cc -c  -Demacs -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DUSE_LUCID -I. \ 
 -I/opt/gnu/src/emacs-20.7/src    -I/usr/openwin/include \
 -I/usr/dt/include -fast -xarch=v9 dispnew.c
"dispnew.c", line 1293: undefined struct/union member: _ptr
"dispnew.c", line 1293: undefined struct/union member: _base
"dispnew.c", line 1408: cannot recover from previous errors
cc: acomp failed for dispnew.c
*** Error code 2
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `dispnew.o'
Current working directory /opt/gnu/src/emacs-20.7/src
*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `src'

SUN provides a function to obtain what is hoped to be the correct number:

$ man __fpending

     The __fpending function returns in bytes the amount of  out-
     put pending on a stream.
     In the 64-bit environment, the  FILE  structure  is  opaque.
     The  functions  described  here  are  provided as a means of
     obtaining the information that up to now has been  retrieved
     directly from the FILE structure.  Because they are based on
     the needs of existing applications (such as mh  and  emacs),
     they may be extended as other programs are ported.


#else /* not __GNU_LIBRARY__ */
#define PENDING_OUTPUT_COUNT(FILE) ((FILE)->_ptr - (FILE)->_base)


#else /* not __GNU_LIBRARY__ */
#if defined(_LP64) && defined(__sun)
#include <stdio_ext.h>
#define PENDING_OUTPUT_COUNT(FILE) ((FILE)->_ptr - (FILE)->_base)

Unfortunately, generating a 64bit still does not work, since make-doc*
dumps core on SIGSEGV near getc()....

Dipl.-Ing. Jens-S. Vöckler (address@hidden)
Institute for Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (RVS)
University of Hanover, Germany; ++49 511 762 4726

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