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Re: emacs 21

From: NAKAJI Hiroyuki
Subject: Re: emacs 21
Date: 25 Nov 2000 21:48:32 +0900
User-agent: T-gnus/6.14.5 (based on Gnus v5.8.7) (revision 06) REMI/1.14.3 (Matsudai) Chao/1.14.1 (Rokujiz┼Ź) APEL/10.2 MULE XEmacs/21.2 (beta36) (Notus) (i386--freebsd)

>>>>> In <address@hidden> 
>>>>>   address@hidden (Gerd Moellmann) wrote:

GM> Thanks for your interest.  We'll provide anon CVS to Emacs in the
GM> future, but not now.

Good news! Is it soon?
NAKAJI Hiroyuki

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