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Re: perl-mode in Emacs buggy?

From: Don Woods
Subject: Re: perl-mode in Emacs buggy?
Date: 29 Nov 2000 17:47:56 -0500

address@hidden (Florian v. Savigny) writes:
> do you know Emacs' perl-mode? I am puzzled about its indentation
> and parentheses matching (seemingly the same problem):
>           if ($zeile =~ /^Subject:(.*?$)/) {

As you say in your second post, emacs is treating $) as a special
variable, instead of treating the $ as part of the regex.  I know
I've seen it documented somewhere that emacs uses a fairly simple
rule for interpreting $ characters in perl-mode; in most places
it just "escapes" the next character.  ("$/" must be an exception.)

The best way to fix your problem, I think, is just to move the $
outside of the parentheses:

            if ($zeile =~ /^Subject:(.*?)$/) {

That should have the same effect in perl, since the $ end marker
wasn't contributing anything to the value of $1 after the match.

        -- Don.

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