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Server editing and multiple frames

From: Soeren Laursen
Subject: Server editing and multiple frames
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 13:37:03 +0100

I open a file with 

emacsclient file.txt

I then switch to another frame and press C-x #.  I now have two frames
displaying the file.  When I press C-x # the file disappears from
current frame but not from the other frame.  Back in the first window
I cannot get the buffer to disappear by pressing C-x # since it is
still visible in the *Buffer List*.  I need to press C-x k to get
completely rid of it.

I think the correct behaviour of C-x # should be to say "Done" in all
frames displaying the buffer.  In fact, I need this behavior since I
have (make-frame) in my Server Visit Hook.

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