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PATCH: emacs-20.7 was trying read /var/adm/wtmp whenever I would start m

From: Adam J. Richter
Subject: PATCH: emacs-20.7 was trying read /var/adm/wtmp whenever I would start modifying a file(!)
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 01:36:21 -0800
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        I had been wondering why emacs seemed to be developing such
a long delay when I would make the first modification to a previously
unmodified file buffer.  strace revealed that it was reading all of

        Some exploration of the code revealed that in
emacs-20.7/src/filelock.c, get_boot_time was trying to determine
the last boot time by reading /etc/utmp and then /var/adm/wtmp.
I believe I may have a configuration problem that caused emacs
to fall back to /var/adm/wtmp (and I will look into that), but,
at least on a Linux system, there is a much faster way to get
the up time: /proc/uptime.  I have attached a patch below that
fixes this problem.

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