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For the ultimate golfer

From: ginarest
Subject: For the ultimate golfer
Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2000 00:17:46 -0500

#1Christmas Gift for the Knowledgeable Golfer

"..I honestly believe it's the most beautiful golf book I have seen".
Ian Wooldridge, Golf Editor Daily Mail (London)

"..a stunning collection of photographs that captures the spirit of "gentlemen's golf" in golf's birthland..."Golf Digest
This handsome book celebrates an extraordinary legacy and a living tradition. It brings the sights and sounds of gentlemen\rquote s golf to life with some of the most dramatic golf photos ever printed and with a lively anecdotal text.
Browsing through these pages is almost as rewarding as a visit to the Clubs.
Legendary Golf Clubs of Scotland England Wales & Ireland
will evoke fond memories for members and a delight to
anyone fortunate enough to receive a copy as a gift.

312 pages, in a generous 9 x 12 hardbound edition with 258 spectacular full color illustrations
ISBN: 0-9658904-1-4

$65 (US) plus $9.95 shipping and handling and applicable state taxes

To Place an order

To Place an order

Legendary Golf Clubs of Scotland England Wales & Ireland
is also available at special discounts with orders of ten or copies,
please fax: 1-561-790-3085

Not Available in Bookstores !!

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