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the actions of the spacebar differ in GNU Emacs info [bad] and command

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: the actions of the spacebar differ in GNU Emacs info [bad] and command line info [good]
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 22:34:33 +0800

the actions of the spacebar differ in GNU Emacs info [bad] and command  line
info [good]
---------------------please somebody repair the SPC bar in "info".
; to see this bug in action you need a lengthy info page, e.g. the
;one at the top of the info tree

;I must do
(defadvice Info-scroll-up (around jidanni:Info-scroll-up)
  "quick hack to demilitarize it."
; because the work involved trying to make the SPC bar operate like it
; does in the command line info program is a lot.  Several functions
; would need adjusting in info.el All I want is when at the bottom of
; the current page, go to the first menu item on the current page,
; like in the command line info.  Don't just jump to the first item
; from the first screen before I'm thru reading this screen.  I'm just
; saying the SPC bar should behave like it does in view-mode, man-page
; mode dired-mode, etc. at least let me page down to the end before
; say jumping elsewhere, etc.

; I'd better do
(defadvice Info-scroll-down (around jidanni:Info-scroll-down)
  "quick hack to demilitarize it."
;as I bet there's a similar problem there.

;oh, the above fset didn't stick when around gnus...
;gee, there's no info-mode-hook to put this in

;I see the variable scroll-behavior, though documented in the
;info-standalone info page, is not to be found in info.el, and,
;apparently isn't for this exact case.

"Alan Shutko" <address@hidden> ?????
> Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:
> > ??? They both do the same: first page down, then go to the next node when
> > you hit the bottom of the current node.
> They differ if the current node has a menu in it.
> * Info will page down through the list, going to the first item on the
>   menu when it reaches the bottom of the current node.
> * Emacs will page down until you reach the menu, then will go to the
>   first item on the menu.
> You can easily see the difference in the Emacs Manual Key Index, where
> info will take many more spaces to get to the same place as Emacs.
> > What versions of Emacs and Texinfo do you have installed?
> Emacs 20.7,
> Texinfo 4.0
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