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Control L with an argument documentation deficiencies

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Control L with an argument documentation deficiencies
Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2000 23:04:04 +0800

Control L with an argument doesn't seem to
do as it says:

"Center point in window and redisplay frame.  With ARG, put point on line ARG.
The desired position of point is always relative to the current window.

Newbie says:
Well, I do ESC 777 C-l thinking that it will take me to line number
777 as seen in the modeline... I think ESC - ESC 777 C-l got me closer
infact!  And when the cursor is at the beginning of the buffer, no
matter what argument you use, the cursor didn't budge, etc. etc.
Also 'relative to the current window' should be better explained.

[Tell Newbie to try M-g.]

Newbie sees Info file:
   Another way to do scrolling is with `C-l' with a numeric argument.
`C-l' does not clear the screen when given an argument; it only scrolls
the selected window.  With a positive argument N, it repositions text
to put point N lines down from the top.  An argument of zero puts point

Newbie stands corrected, but still says:
    ok, I'm at line 1000, I do c-u 200 c-l, ok I'm now around line
    800, ok, my only request now is that the documentation be improved
    to consider these more-than-a-screenfull examples I brought up.  I
    mean 'down from the top' makes one feel that we'll be going
    further down in the file.

on the very top line.  Point does not move with respect to the text;
rather, the text and point move rigidly on the screen.  `C-l' with a
negative argument puts point that many lines from the bottom of the
window.  For example, `C-u - 1 C-l' puts point on the bottom line, and
`C-u - 5 C-l' puts it five lines from the bottom.  Just `C-u' as
argument, as in `C-u C-l', scrolls point to the center of the selected

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