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Ispell doesn't warn that we're in a read-only file

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Ispell doesn't warn that we're in a read-only file
Date: 28 Dec 2000 21:15:34 +0800
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Dudes, do a find-file-read-only, then do an ispell-region. My gawd,
there it goes happily allowing us to go along SPC SPC skipping words,
and then when we're finally down deep in the file and decide to change
a word, PAMMMM the visual bells hit, well, like excuuuuse me, why
didn't you warn me it was read-only?  I suppose other ispell-*
commands also suffer, but I didn't check. Yes, ispell on a read-only
file might have some uses, but hey, how's about a default warning?

I'm making a suggestion for future releases, not a request for code
for me.

By the way:
Ehud> See the INFO node: ..........
Ehud>[ It seems you have a lot of suggestions that have been already
Ehud>  addressed by the Emacs developers ]

That's because they wern't implemented/documented last time I
checked (1992 :-) )
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