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C-x C-c needs to say more than just "save file...?"

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: C-x C-c needs to say more than just "save file...?"
Date: 02 Jan 2001 09:10:23 +0800
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[phony mail address in effect, sorry]

In these hectic days it is often that one might miss a keystroke,
getting one to the mighty C-x C-c [save-buffers-kill-emacs] without
even knowing it.  At that point one would see a mere "save file
bla.bla? y? n?" which is clearly out to the proportion of what ensues
[bye bye emacs & its millions of buffers viewing various files],
therefore i propose somewhere in this process one be made aware that
he could be very well exiting emacs.

Yeah yeah, I know what you're gonna say, there's some hook & variable
all ready to optionally fix this... but I'm really just out for the
moral victory of admission that this is a little too little to say
about the death of an emacs that might have been alive for a few
days... in the newbie default case especially.

Furthermore, if one accidentally hits the little button to kill window
in the corner of the emacs window, one is given a pop-up menu called
"Question", with one of the choices mentioning killing emacs etc,
however other options on that menu also have the effect of killing
emacs, [as does killing this pop-up window!] one would think the other
choices wouldn't kill emacs due to them not also mentioning it.
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