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M-" should do like M-( , same with the rest: it's about time

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: M-" should do like M-( , same with the rest: it's about time
Date: 05 Jan 2001 02:10:18 +0800
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You like M-( (insert-parentheses), haven't you thought it would be
nice if you could get the same behaviour from M-" [two "" with you
sitting between them], but no, this and M-[ are left unbound as an
trivial exercise for the beginner to program in his .emacs.  Well, I'd
say it's about time, about time at least these unbound guys jumped on
the bandwagon and got their butts bound as the default for the next

Sure you're saying, well then wouldn't emacs be too easy then?  How
are we going to separate the newbies from those who can write in their
.emacs, thus giving a feeling of prestige? :-) Well, I say don't
worry, there's still plenty of already bound to other junk that I'm
not battling for, like M-' (abbrev-prefix-mark, oh please, (wait, I
bet it's a neat command, sorry))

Actually, how's about all those pair types buzzing off to other
bindings and making way for the two-and-me-in-the-middle approach.
Let's see, there's still:

      ESC <             beginning-of-buffer
uh oh, that one's too ingrained, even in my little head

      ESC `             tmm-menubar
like Morris the cat says, oh please

      ESC {             backward-paragraph
bet there's some old [beep]s that use this every day... hmmm

Sure, there's some macro package that gets them all, but I'm after the
admission, the admission that at least for the unbound ones, it's
about time they got their butts bound for the default official release
[unless one fears this will put pressure on the rest which are already
bound to other things[!]]
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