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M-h mark-paragraph needs prefix argument

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: M-h mark-paragraph needs prefix argument
Date: 05 Jan 2001 02:29:58 +0800
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M-h mark-paragraph is a very reasonable command, until you want to
mark two paragraphs.  At that point you start to wonder why doesn't it
take a prefix argument telling it how many paragraphs from point to
mark.  Don't forget to give a negative prefix argument meaning too...

[Remember, all throughout my myriad of helpful [?] postings, I'm
seeking changes in the official emacs, not for somebody to whip up a
macro for me to paste in my .emacs --- I mean I don't actually plan to
use all my seemingly a-OK suggestions :-) ... you see, I'm just
testing out my Sender: header line, and need to post a lot, and don't
know about *.test :-).  No, actually I'm just lonely, and I like the
hot spicy gnu.emacs.bug BBS.]
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