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emacs's packages info nodes belong under emacs's node, not parallel to i

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: emacs's packages info nodes belong under emacs's node, not parallel to it
Date: 05 Jan 2001 05:31:30 +0800
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I went into info [C-h i], chose node 'emacs' as usual, and proceeded
to use all methods I know of to search for the Supercite info
page... and didn't find it.

Well, it does exist, and it says:

           Supercite version 3.1 is a GNU Emacs package written entirely in
        Emacs Lisp. It interfaces to most of the commonly used Emacs mail user
        agents ("MUAs") and news user agents ("NUAs"), and provides

One would think it logical then, for its info page to be stuck inside
emacs' info tree, not beside it.  Wait, there's a few more:
GNU Emacs
* CC mode: (ccmode).    The GNU Emacs mode for editing C, C++, Objective-C
                          and Java code.
* CL: (cl).             Partial Common Lisp support for Emacs Lisp.
* Dired-X: (dired-x).   Dired Extra Features.
* Ediff: (ediff).       A visual interface for comparing and merging programs.
* Emacs: (emacs).       The extensible self-documenting text editor.
* Forms: (forms).       Emacs package for editing data bases
                          by filling in forms.
* Info: (info).         Documentation browsing system.
* MH-E: (mh-e).         Emacs interface to the MH mail system.
* Message: (message).   Mail and news composition mode that goes with Gnus.
* SC: (sc).             Supercite lets you cite parts of messages you're
                          replying to, in flexible ways.
* VIP: (vip).           An older VI-emulation for Emacs.
* VIPER: (viper).       The newest Emacs VI-emulation mode.
                          (also, A VI Plan for Emacs Rescue
                           or the VI PERil.)
* Widget: (widget).      Documenting the "widget" package used by the
                           Emacs Custom facility.
* reftex: (reftex).     Support for LaTeX labels, references, and citations
                           with Emacs.
stick 'em inside emacs's node, not parallel to it.

By the way, deep in emacs's node there's a tiny old gnus node... this
should be replaced with the big current gnus node seen above.
Just like the newsgroup name gnu.emacs.gnus is nested ...
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