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ispell choices 0 1 2 not like keyboard 1 2 3

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: ispell choices 0 1 2 not like keyboard 1 2 3
Date: 05 Jan 2001 10:28:24 +0800
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When ispelling, one is giving a list of choices [which, by the way, it
seems impossible to snarf into this buffer, and must be hand typed
below]: nerd(0) turd(1) furd(2) ...
however, when one looks at the keyboard, mine & I bet yours, you'll
see that (0) is way at the right, and (1) (2) ... are at left,
therefore wouldn't it be better for ispell to present the choices as
nerd(1) turd(2) furd(3) ... which mirrors the position of the keys,
reducing brain-splittage.

I suppose this should be fixed in the stand-alone ispell too/instead, [that
lists the choices vertically thus not as directly conflicting but
still bad...] 
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