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cannot live in pure mouse world, must type RET

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: cannot live in pure mouse world, must type RET
Date: 07 Jan 2001 06:09:41 +0800
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On the menu bar atop the emacs screen: sure one can click Files>Open
Directory, but there's no way to maintain the pure mouse flow of
things: one must at least hit RET to confirm things.  This is an
example of emacs, though having the mouse menu bar at top, not letting
one stay in the pure mouse realm for more than a command or two.  This
is in contrast to Big Computer Co. with the ergonomics engineers.

Of course one might argue that it is an editor, one would be constantly
typing anyway, so don't fear the keyboard.  Of course I'm not so hot
on the mouse, but just had to mention it.  I bet to implement this one
would need those silly pop-up question windows?  Well, hows about when
faced with the mini-buffer asking for confirmation, at least one of the
mouse keys should be bound equal to typing RET...,, another to list
choices, another perhaps to ^G's effect etc. etc.  I think at present
those mouse keys are doing nothing special in that situation.
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