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describe-bindings output dominated by self-insert-command

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: describe-bindings output dominated by self-insert-command
Date: 08 Jan 2001 22:28:02 +0800
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[Nowadays with the new internationalization features in GNU Emacs,]
often when hitting C-h b [describe-bindings], one feels there are too
many self-insert-commands too close to the top of the output.  E.g.,
doing this in the *scratch* buffer gives about 50, e.g.,

   80:<VISCII upper>    self-insert-command
   81:<Arabic digit>    self-insert-command
   82:<Arabic 1-col>    self-insert-command
far too near the top of the 600 line output.

and for me hitting C-h b while composing this message gets me a big wad of
them starting with

        `encoded-kbd-mode' Minor Mode Bindings:

only 3% into the *Help* buffer, well before what one is really
interested in, and seriously degrading the usefulness of
describe-bindings.  The obvious solution is to shuffle some of this
information further down in the output.

[In the good old days
        SPC .. ~        self-insert-command
ranges could easily deal with them.  Now things are more complicated.]
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