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Re: [Fwd - Frm: address@hidden, Subj: McAfee Virus Scan detects an unnam

From: Harald . Maier . BW
Subject: Re: [Fwd - Frm: address@hidden, Subj: McAfee Virus Scan detects an unnamed virus in emac-20.7-bin-i386. tar.gz]
Date: 14 Jan 2001 14:18:10 +0000
User-agent: Gnus/5.0807 (Gnus v5.8.7) Emacs/20.7

address@hidden writes:

>  I am a senior programmer with 7 years experience.  I have successfully
>  downloaded and used emacs for windows several times in the past.
>  I am running McAfee anti-virus v4.5.0 w/ Virus definitions: 4.0.4114
>  and Scan engine 4.0.70.  When I attempt to access the file
>  emac-20.7-bin-i386.tar.gz after downloading it, I get a virus warning
>  that says the file is infected.  Any time I try to access the file I
>  get the warning.

I am using McAfee v4.0.3a with the same definitions and the Scan
engine is 4.0.02. I down-loaded the same file and I opened it with
winzip and the cygwin tar (gzip) command. Nothing happened, so I assume
it's probably not a virus problem because I am using the same virus
signature file.


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