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Re: emacs dired-move-to-filename-regexp can't deal with numerical months

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: emacs dired-move-to-filename-regexp can't deal with numerical months [internationalization]
Date: 15 Jan 2001 08:32:30 +0800
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>>>>> "Dan" == Dan Jacobson <address@hidden> writes:

Dan> However, if one does a dired using a wildcard: "dired ~/*.c" or
Dan> whatever, the foreign dates are back and dried again sees "no
Dan> file on this line", etc.

Looks like another Mandrake 7.2 problem:

in e-mail to me >>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Lee <address@hidden> writes:

Andrew> BTW, I find a bash environment problem in mandrake 7.2, I
Andrew> thought you will interested.

Andrew> The problem will happen in every new launched shell, coz some
Andrew> environment settings will override when we set some
Andrew> specialties settings on command line(ex: export LANGUAGE=en)
Andrew> everytimes, that's why we can't set all of the appz's messages
Andrew> in english last time.

Andrew> Here is a little patch:

Andrew> --- bashrc.orig Thu Jan 11 05:13:58 2001 +++ bashrc Thu Jan 11
Andrew> 05:52:41 2001 @@ -3,11 +3,6 @@ # System wide functions and
Andrew> aliases # Environment stuff goes in /etc/profile

Andrew> -if [ -z "$PROFILE_LOADED" -a -e /etc/profile ]; then -
Andrew> . /etc/profile -fi - -unset PROFILE_LOADED

Andrew>  # For some unknown reason bash refuses to inherit # PS1 in
Andrew> some circumstances that I can't figure out.

yes it looks like you are right

0/tmp$ LC_TIME=en date
Mon Jan 15 08:19:26 CST 2001
0/tmp$ LC_TIME=en bash
0/tmp$ date
[date comes out still in big5]

Dan> "Dan Jacobson" <address@hidden> ¼¶¼g©ó¶l¥ó
Dan> news:address@hidden
>> Say you've got a non-English system.  Why does emacs' dired get
>> confused?  I might have the answer:
>> "Kai Großjohann" <address@hidden> ?????
>> news:address@hidden  > On Tue, 21 Nov
>> 2000, Dan Jacobson wrote: > > one finds the cursor sitting on the
>> bottom of the screen, the file list > > shifted to the right by a
>> space or two, and not able to be opened by > > the usual cursor
>> positioning commands, causing 'ding' etc.  > > Dired uses a
>> variable dired-move-to-filename-regexp which matches the > date
>> printed by "ls -l".  Probably that regexp fails to match the >
>> dates printed by the localized "ls -l".  Frob the regexp to match
>> your > dates, and Bob's your uncle.
>> Indeed, an emacs bug!  And the documentation says it is supposed to
>> match the date no matter what localization is present, but we see
>> that it can't even handle "Dec" being written as "12" anymore, now
>> that's it's so complex, too complex for me to mess with it.  I will
>> send a bug report to gnu.emacs.bug [I would crosspost, but that
>> fails sometimes.]
>> (setenv "LC_TIME" "C");thanks kai.  because
>> dired-move-to-filename-regexp
Dan> can't
>> handle numerical months now!
>> (string-match dired-move-to-filename-regexp " drwxr-xr-x 4
>> jidannijidanni 4096 12 7 06:22 xephem-3.4") doesn't match, tisk
>> tisk
>> > Alternatively, you can tell Emacs to use English/American
>> dates....
>> yes: one is forced in .emacs to do (setenv "LC_TIME" "C");thanks
>> kai.  because dired-move-to-filename-regexp
Dan> can't
>> handle numerical months now!
>> now this matches, and dired is OK again: (string-match
>> dired-move-to-filename-regexp " drwxr-xr-x 4 jidanni jidanni 4096
>> Dec 7 06:22 xephem-3.4")
>> GNU Emacs 20.7 as found on Mandrake 7.2
http://www.geocities.com/jidanni Tel886-4-25854780 e-mail:restore .com. 積丹尼

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