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Re: 'buffer-substring' returns rubbish

From: Peter S Galbraith
Subject: Re: 'buffer-substring' returns rubbish
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 09:04:34 -0500

PILCH Hartmut wrote:

> When evalling the following sexp in a buffer
>      (buffer-substring (line-beginning-position) (line-end-position))
> I usually get a string representing the current line under my cursor.
> But quite often I instead get a strange record back, like this:
> #("WeOfferRewardsForKnowledge (buffer-substring (line-beginning-position) (li
> ne-end-position))" 0 26 (face (w3-style-face-00000 w3-style-face-00000 w3-sty
> le-face-00000 w3-style-face-00000 w3-style-face-00000
> w3-style-face-00000 w3-

Use buffer-substring-no-properties instead.

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