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Re: Strange bug

From: Deepak Goel
Subject: Re: Strange bug
Date: 20 Jan 2001 22:09:45 -0500

> Allow me to change my "bug report" to a query: Is there a bignum package 
> for emacs that supercedes all the regular operators so the if I add a 
> bunch of prices, I don't get strange numbers?

Try this: (i use this for dealing with money, and bind this to C-c s )
(s for sexp..)

PS: another thing i find frustrating is emacs's (/ 5 2) ==> 2, whereas
i want 2.5.. so u might also find useful the // i am attaching..

(defun eval-last-sexp-my (internal-arg)
  "Helps deal with money.. 2 decimals..
In presence of argument, prints it at \(point\).
Note that rounding will NOT work, because you rounding means
(/ (float (round (* 100 arg))) 100), but the last division by 100
itself is suspect, and can spoil the entire effect achieved by
rounding. viz. (/ 234 100) can give 2.399999998. See?
Also see my definition of //"

  (interactive "P")
  (let* ((aa (eval-last-sexp nil))
         (bb (if (and (numberp aa) (not (integerp aa)))
                 (format "%.2f" aa)
               (format "%s" aa)))
         (standard-output t))
    (if internal-arg (insert bb) (prin1 bb))))

(defun // (&rest args)
  "My sensible definition of /.
Does not say 4 / 3 = 0. Note: this uses equal and not equalp, the
last time i checked , equalp seemed to work as well.. "
  (let ((aa (apply '/ args)))
    (if (equal (car args) (apply '* aa (cdr args)))
      (apply '/ (cons (float (car args)) (cdr args))))))

> -- 
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--Deepak, http://www.glue.umd.edu/~deego
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whom We inspired  with revelations and with writings.   Ask the People
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to them, and that they may give thought.

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