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*List Options* buffer could be more resonably intellegent

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: *List Options* buffer could be more resonably intellegent
Date: 20 Jan 2001 15:25:50 +0800
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OK, do ESC-x list-options, and search for, say, "visible-bell" or
whatever.  Place the cursor upon it and hit C-h v [describe-variable].
Notice how it doesn't even prompt you in the minbuffer with "(default:
visible-bell)"! now place the cursor over "visible-bell" in this
netnews message. Hit C-h v. Now it prompts. I suppose its due to the
colon in the *List Options* buffer... well whatever... also, looking
around the *List Options* buffer, one sees none of those underlined
things to click on that one sees nowadays in the *Help* buffer, say
references to functions and variables.  Many of the items in *List
Options* could be made clickable for further info.
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