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Re: "This bug report will be sent to the Free Software Foundation..."

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: "This bug report will be sent to the Free Software Foundation..."
Date: 22 Jan 2001 10:30:21 +0800
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>>>>> "Eli" == Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:

Eli> On 21 Jan 2001, Dan Jacobson wrote:

>> In the bug report form:
>> > This bug report will be sent to the Free Software Foundation, >
>> not to your local site managers!!
>> It might be polite to tell them that "it will also be plastered all
>> over netnews"

Eli> Sending email exposes the sender exactly as posting a news
Eli> message.  No more, no less.

Oh c'mon, I mean all those companies' web pages have that "privacy
policy" statement, it would be at least nice to mention a tiny bit...

examples: I'm not sure [but I didn't really check anyway]
if the supercite bug report function:
1. goes in a black hole
2. goes to Mr. Supercite and his team
3. gets plastered all over somewhere...

if the Supercite bug report form mentioned that it was going to some
bulletin board/netnews group, I could check that group first and
1. noting that it's like dead, save my time and not file the report
2. noting that it's like alive, and noting that 10000 people are
reading it, I would therefore up the quality of my bug report.

Or, if the bug report were just going to Mr. Supercite and his loyal
team, I could send a lazy bug report, and attach my /etc/passwd or
/secret/list/of/sensitive.addresses/that were misquoted/by/supercite
to help illustrate the problem without wasting time to obfuscate them
because nobody but Mr. Supercite and his trustful team will see them

Eli> (Also, I think the link between gnu.emacs.bug and the mailing
Eli> list is on-way only, from the news group to the list, but I might
Eli> be mistaken.)

Boy that connection is weird. I think a whole week of my 'brilliant'
postings never made it to the netnews side, whereas this week they got
there within 10 minutes.

Anyways, um, this is the third message today where you sliced off my
bonus point :-) ... and the lack of the References header in your
article makes me too lazy to search for it... my bonus logical point
was that, aware of the fact that they were about to plaster to
netnews, they would write more effortfully, and not append 2768 lines
of error output.  oh, i mentioned that already.

And noting where one can see other folks' bug reports also adds to the
excitement, unlike some software where one has to say register as a
member of an egroups.com group [if not set as 'public'. P.s. they hide
e-mail address from spam...] before seeing messages or like other
inconvenient bugtracker interfaces.

Plus I've got bitched out so often by posting e-mail to me to

And you can say 'check gnu.emacs.bug...[where your message will go
too] perhaps your bug has already been solved!' adding cheer to the
bug reporting script.
http://www.geocities.com/jidanni Tel886-4-25854780 e-mail:restore .com. 積丹尼

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