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ispell help: say message-mode-hook not news-reply-mode-hook

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: ispell help: say message-mode-hook not news-reply-mode-hook
Date: 24 Jan 2001 08:35:40 +0800
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I did (describe-function (quote ispell-message))
and it said
Ispell> ispell-message is an interactive compiled Lisp function in
Ispell> `ispell'.  (ispell-message)

Ispell> Check the spelling of a mail message or news post.  Don't
Ispell> check spelling of message headers except the Subject field.
Ispell> Don't check included messages.

It should say if included means 'file attachments' or like 'supercited

Ispell> To abort spell checking of a message region and send the
Ispell> message anyway, use the `x' command.  (Any subsequent regions

hey, who said just hitting x will cause the message to into the pipe
to the news/mail server yet?  The user hasn't always put this into the
final hook...

Ispell> will be checked.)  The `X' command aborts the message send so
Ispell> that you can edit the buffer.

see above, don't scare me that I'm already at the final stage for
lift off so fast

Ispell> To spell-check whenever a message is sent, include the appropriate lines
Ispell> in your .emacs file:

'add the appropriate lines' isn't too comforting to new
users... e.g. one might think three of the 4 following lines apply to them,

Ispell>    (add-hook 'message-send-hook 'ispell-message)  ;; GNUS 5
Ispell>    (add-hook 'news-inews-hook 'ispell-message)    ;; GNUS 4
Ispell>    (add-hook 'mail-send-hook  'ispell-message)
Ispell>    (add-hook 'mh-before-send-letter-hook 'ispell-message)

Ispell> You can bind this to the key C-c i in GNUS or mail by adding to
Ispell> `news-reply-mode-hook' or `mail-mode-hook' the following lambda 
Ispell>    (function (lambda () (local-set-key "\C-ci" 'ispell-message)))

however this is not true nowadays, and it screwed me up for weeks
until I figured out I needed to do add it to message-mode-hook. I
think this covers both news & mail in gnus.
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