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Pascal Mode for Emacs

From: Agnar Renolen
Subject: Pascal Mode for Emacs
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 09:06:40 +0100
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This is a feature request rather than a bug report, concerning Pascal Mode for Emacs, of which I'm running the version 20.5 for Windows.

I would like to see Pascal mode handle extensions originally introduced in TurboPascal/Borland Pascal, and also adopted in FreePascal (the latter is released under GNU GPL and is availble from www.freepascal.org). I'm using FreePascal my self, and would prefer the Emacs editor over the free pascal IDE, if only a few more features were supported. I really like the automatic indentation of type declarations.

First, it does not recognize the keywords UNIT, INTERFACE and IMPLEMENTATION which are used to build Pascal Libraries. It shouldn't be too difficult to get them colored in font-lock mode.

Second, it does not handle class declarations, in OO-pascal. These might be on the form:

   POcd5Input      = ^TOcd5Input;
   TOcd5Input      = object
      constructor OpenFile( fileName :String);
      destructor  CloseFile;

      procedure   ResetFile;
      function    GetNextElement(var theElement : TOcd5Element) : Boolean;

         itsHeader      : TOcd5FileHeader; { contains header info }
itsCurrentItem : integer; { index of next item to be read }
         itsIndexCount  : longint;         { number of items in index }
         itsFile        : File;            { file reference }

I'm not an Emacs Lisp expert, so I don't feel confident that I can do it my self. Hope somebody else would do it.

Yours Sincerely
Agnar  Renolen

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