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v in *Buffer List* amazingly doesn't invoke view mode

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: v in *Buffer List* amazingly doesn't invoke view mode
Date: 31 Jan 2001 03:39:40 +0800
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In your other average file browsing modes, e.g., dired, "v" invokes
view-file, to read-only browse a file.  However, in *Buffer List*, "v"
is bound to something, however useful, else.  Indeed there is no
"select in readonly mode" keys offered... as I suppose one would have
made the decision about readonly or not, upon initial reading of that
file into emacs...

However I did $ emacs m* and wanted to look at some of those files in
readonly mode and it would have been nice if there were commands &
keys to get buffers off the buffer list in readonly mode, sort of like
a new v key == %f ... i.e., first toggle to readonly [if not
ok, never mind.
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