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"[complete but not unique]" should show on first tab too

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: "[complete but not unique]" should show on first tab too
Date: 05 Feb 2001 14:56:18 +0800
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[this time I think I found a good one]
Gentlemen, consider the case when you have
 MR Buffer           Size  Mode         File
    uuuuu               0  Text         
    iiiii               0  Text         
    iiiiijjjjjj         0  Text         
C-x b u tab
C-x b i tab
in either case, the user wold just merrily hit return and get the
respective 5 lettered buffer.  However, this is bad as one is allowed
to be oblivious in the second case to the iiiiijjjjjj choice [uless in
the habit of banging on tab again for some reason.]
... indeed in bash, even though it also shows you the other
possibilities earlier, the cursor also steps one space to the right
to show that there are no more possibilities upon tab. 

OK, often one has somefile and somefile<1> so perhaps all emacs ought
to be improved to do at this point is to produce the "[complete but
not unique]" statement upon the first tab, not wait until the second.
Yes, I think that out to fix it.

Another case is with only
    aaaacccc            0  Text         
    aaaabbbb            0  Text         
Again, at
C-x b a tab
the user is just taken to the bifurcation point, with no idea if
1. there is only one buffer aaaa
2. other possibilities.
indeed a RET at this point creates aaaa --- nothing wrong with that,
I'm just saying that given the user has hit a tab, this is the prefect
opportunity for emacs to be more forthcoming about what's up in its
brain, no?

[RMS stop reading here [lest get bored]]

Eli wants me to "come out" and
>[For the umpteenth time, PLEASE stop using a fake address in this
what? reveal my true email address right there in a usenet message
header?  I've got a wife and kids [not really] a job [no] to protect.
My pristine mbox will become ridden with all kinds of .....  Sure you
younger types without family responsibilities to uphold can feel free
to "come out", but for us older conservative members of the community,
the pressure is too much to bare at this time. :-)

Actually, if Eli would be less nice and allow me to read his comments
via just news instead of news and mail then he wouldn't be troubled as much.

I mean I'm just not intellectually prepared to set up the Dr. Timo
Salmi spam defense system at this time...
P.S. I just posted Newsgroups: comp.mail.misc Subject: Salmi, etc. anti-spam 

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Yeah, British lbs.
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