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Re: byte-compile messages should be prefixed with "Warning:" or "Error:"

From: Deepak Goel
Subject: Re: byte-compile messages should be prefixed with "Warning:" or "Error:"
Date: 06 Feb 2001 00:55:23 -0500

hmm.. Eli's mail is the first time I even noticed the ** and !!..

Until now, i was doing what Dan did---look at the message and figure
out if the message implies a bug..

I second Dan's suggestion.  I think prefacing the message with
*Warning* or *Error* or even *W* and *E*(the latter will atleast make
me pause and think about what the W or E means..)  will perhaps be

> On 1 Feb 2001, Dan Jacobson wrote:
> > emacs -no-site-file -no-init-file -batch -q -f batch-byte-compile ./bbdb.el
> > While compiling the end of the data in file 
> > /home/jidanni/tmp/bbdb-2.2/lisp/bbdb.el:
> >   ** The following functions are not known to be defined: caddr,
> >     set-keymap-prompt
> > Wrote /home/jidanni/tmp/bbdb-2.2/lisp/bbdb.elc
> > 
> > it seems this is a mere "Warning" of a not so serious problem, but
> > that is a guess, and it would be nice if emacs would be more forthcoming.
> Yes, "**" marks a warning.  Errors are signaled by the leading "!!".

--Deepak, http://www.glue.umd.edu/~deego
16:75 To EMACS  belong the secrets of the  elispland and the editland.
The business of the Final  Hour shall be accomplished in the twinkling
of an eye, or even less.  EMACS has power over all things.

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