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comfy with mouse, why must readjust body to give RET?

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: comfy with mouse, why must readjust body to give RET?
Date: 07 Feb 2001 03:23:42 +0800
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I'm sitting here very comfortable with one hand on the mouse, the
other, say, under my chin.  As an example of what's bugging me today, I
select, say, Files>Open Directory to do a dired on ~.  OK, it wants me
to hit RET.  Why do I have to readjust my body just to give emacs a
RET?  Certainly one of the three mouse keys could do a RET for the user
in this case.

Here I'm complaining about the case where I am just a RET away from
otherwise being able to mouse thru life on emacs.  It happens in many
situations.  I just picked the dired one as an example.

We all know Mr. Gates OS lets you mouse thru life, so when I stumble
into "no way in the emacs default setup to just get that little RET
into emacs, even though lured into using the mouse by menu bar at top
of window", the impression is 'unpolished'.
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