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byte compiler warning improvement

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: byte compiler warning improvement
Date: 09 Feb 2001 13:39:04 +0800
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OK, aside from the byte compiler's messages being made less cryptic
(** replaced with "Warning", !! replaced with "Error"), as suggested
in other messages, it seems the byte compiler's warnings should be
reclassified into at least an additional class "Information:",
otherwise we folks, say, used to the C compiler, would be very alarmed
at such a large amount of "warning" information for stuff other
compilers wouldn't warn about.

OK, so what I'm aiming for is a realignment of the byte compilers'
messages more along the lines of other compilers, both in terms of
names of messages and what messages belong to what names.

Or at least I'll trade you a W for **, and E for !! ... never mind.

>>>>> "Eli" == Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:

Eli> Dan Jacobson wrote:
>>  0bbdb-2.2$ make gnus cd lisp; make gnus make[1]: Entering
>> directory `/home/jidanni/tmp/bbdb-2.2/lisp' emacs -no-site-file
>> -no-init-file -batch -q -f batch-byte-compile ./bbdb.el While
>> compiling the end of the data in file
>> /home/jidanni/tmp/bbdb-2.2/lisp/bbdb.el: ** The following functions
>> are not known to be defined: caddr, set-keymap-prompt
>> there are lots and lots after this too... It what this is telling
>> me is this is oriented to the xemacs environment, and if I press
>> forth and insist on forcing BBDB into place on my FSF emacs
>> environment, the ensuing troubles will far exceed the trouble I
>> have had just getting this far?

Eli> No, it just tells what the message says: that some of the
Eli> functions are not known to be defined at byte-compile time.  This
Eli> is normal.  As long as the compiled files work when loaded into
Eli> an interactive session, you have nothing to worry about.

Eli> In general, messages from the byte compiler which begin with a
Eli> "**" mean warnings.  Fatal errors are signaled by a "!!", and
Eli> then Emacs doesn't say "Wrote foobar.elc", meaning that it didn't
Eli> produce a byte-compiled file.
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